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The story of Jim Napper getting his street named "Studebaker Road" got me to thinking. Surely there are other roads and streets carrying that legendary name across America. So, I did what all serious researchers do these days. I logged on to the Internet and clicked on "Google". Here's what I've found so far.

Of course, there's Studebaker Street in South Bend, Indiana, the home of Studebaker. No surprise there. Chances are, most every Studebaker owner who has ever visited South Bend has made sure they've driven on that street before leaving town. But, you can also drive along Studebaker Street in Mishawaka, Indiana. Or, how about Studebaker Street in Decatur, Indiana?

Jumping over to the west coast, we find what appears to be a very long Studebaker Street in Southern California. Actually, depending on the city (or map) there's Studebaker Street or Road in Irving, Long Beach, Norwalk, and Cerritos, California in and near Los Angeles County. The origin may be related to the former LA Studebaker plant, but that's just a guess, and not a very educated one at that.

There are a number of Studebaker Road locations, starting with the one in McKinney, Texas that Studebaker fan Jim Napper got renamed 25 years ago (see separate story).

You'll also find a Studebaker Road in Chesnee, South Carolina. Out in the Pacific Northwest, there's a Studebaker Road in Castle Rock, Washington and a Studebaker Road in Prineville, Oregon, east of Redmond. Further south in California, there's a Studebaker Road northeast of Sacramento in Placerville. If you're in Tipp City, Ohio, you can get on Studebaker Road and take a tour east toward New Carlisle.

But what about Studebaker Drive? Yep. Google says there's a Studebaker Drive in Huntington, Indiana and another down in Tampa, Florida.

Well, if there's "street" and "road" and "drive", there has to be Studebaker Avenue , right? Right! There's a Studebaker Avenue as far south as Amarillo, Texas and as far north as Warren, Michigan. In between, you'll find Studebaker Avenue in Girard, Illinois and another off I-55 between Divernon and Farmersville, Illinois.

Want to go 'round and 'round on Studebaker Circle ? You'll find it in San Jose, California or head for Studebaker Place in Gold River, California. While you're in California, also check out Studebaker Way , a short street in Riverside just north of the Indian Hills Golf Club. There's another Studebaker Way in the Yavapai Hills subdivision of Prescott, Arizona.

Lastly, it's really not a road, but I have to mention it. Northwest of Troy, Montana in the vast mountainous wilderness of the Kootenai National Forest, you'll find Studebaker Draw . It was named so in 1930 because of an abandoned Studebaker found at the mouth of Larmie Creek, a tributary of O'Brien Creek. Apparently, history hasn't recorded how and why that Studebaker ended up there. But, my guess is, it was just another case of a Studebaker owner refusing to follow the crowd in favor of taking the road less traveled.

Writer's Note: Do you know of any more "Studebaker" named highways and byways? Do you know of or want to investigate the origin of a Studebaker street near you? Let the Webmaster know and we'll put together a follow-up story !

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