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1The August 2006 issue of Hot Rod magazine features a fantastic article on the legendary "Chicken Hawk" 1951 Commander Starlight Coupe and its equally legendary owner/driver, Ted Harbit.

The article begins...
"With the exceptions of Bonneville and El Mirage, you don't often see a fast Studebaker, let alone one that still has an original Stude engine in it. Seeing one at a drag strip is nearly as rare as watching Halley's comet light up the sky. But unlike most, Ted Harbit saw potential in the Studebaker V/8s. They say persistence pays off, and it appears to be true in this case, as Ted's 44-year old Studebaker obsession has led him to consistent class wins and eventually created what we think is the quickest Studebaker-powered Studebaker of all time."
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