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Judy Schultz: Studebakers, Not Just For Men!

By Judy Schultz,

When i married my husband twelve years ago, I thought it was cool he had a classic car and when he told me it was a Studebaker, I told him I never heard of that before. I thought it was pretty nice, seeing I enjoy unique things and I like to have different things than everybody else. We go to cruise-ins every summer and people in these parts are amazed it's a Studebaker.

The Studebaker car bug bit me when my husband bought me a Lark.  Origionally how that came into being was that my husband's axle on his '56 President broke and we went down to Pennsylvania to another Studebaker Drivers Club member's house to buy a part from him, as he had some parts for sale.  I saw that little car sitting in the weeds, rusted, dented, and I kept on going over to look at it, thinking how that would make a cute car for me.  I had plans.  For a year I kept on asking the member who owned it, "Did you sell it yet?  Did you sell it?"  We went down there once or twice and I would look at that car sitting there, dreaming my dreams.  Finally a year later in the spring, we bought the car.  My nephew and husband trailered that car back to New York.  I was one excited person to own my own Studebaker.

Luckily, my husband, who is an ASE tech, knew how to fix the mechanics.  I picked out the color of the car like this:  One day I went into the Volunteers of America and bought a shimmery pink purse. From then on, I had to have the car that color.  We went to Buffalo Sherwin Williams and looked at big thick paint chip books, and would you believe I found the exact color that i wanted?  The day my husband painted, I was estatic. He opened the garage door and I was speechless.  It was the most beautiful car I had ever seen and the best thing I ever owned in my whole life.  Over the period of five years I customized the car and made it what came out of my heart.  It was like a marriage, my ideas and my husband making it come true for me.  It was truly a labor of love.

The Studebaker Lark was my first own classic car.  Now I am moving on possibly, to find another Studebaker.  I would like a bullet nose.

I guess now I truly know what a Studebaker is from my own experience.  I would recommend a Studebaker for any classic enthusiasts.

1959 Lark VI Regal

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