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Classified Ads - July 2020 Turning Wheels Magazine 

For added value and convenience for our members, below are the classified ads from the most current issue of Turning Wheels® magazine. By policy, the ads are posted online no sooner than 20 days after the issue has been mailed (this is typically the 10th of every month). Sorry, we cannot accept web ads only and please do not send your want ad requests to the webmaster.

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1940 President C6-W3 4 door cruising sedan featured on the inside back cover of March 2020 Turning Wheels. 250.4 ci Straight Eight with 3 speed column shift and overdrive. New 6.50x16 Coker radial tires and tubes. Completely rewired. Radio, clock, cigarette lighter, 2 speed wipers. Everything is in good working order. Numerous repairs, too many to mention. Please email: doug108@telus.net or phone 1-250-791-5505 for photos.  BC                                  (6-8/20/p)

1947 Business Coupe. Owned and stored 25 years indoors. Very nice condition. Tuned and running. 262-623-0505, leave voice or text message. WI                        (3-8/20p)

1950 Champion. 2 door, 6 cyl, 3 sp OD, 81,000 miles.All new interior, under hood either new or rebuilt, new brake system, new paint, rechromed, new tires. Appraised $13,000, asking $8,750 OBO. 763-682-6149. djeric@charter.net. MN                                                                                    (6-7/20p)

1950 Champion. Dark Green, tan interior, 30.000 original miles, Car was one-family-owned prior to current owner. Runs and rides like a new car. Repainted 7 years ago, car had no rust or rot, just scratches and faded. Has new upholstery, done to original. Has many trophies from car shows. Asking $16,000. 518-701-3261, Rotterdam, NY             (7/20p)

1952 Champion Regal Starlight Coupe. Beautiful restoration, 54,000 miles. Always garaged. 6 cyl, 3 spd, OD. As nice as it gets. Many pix available. $16,500. For more info call 386-943-0094. FL                         (4-7/20p)

1953 Starliner. 6 cyl, 3 spd, OD. Production order #. Matching new floor pans, rockers, brake liners. Owned since 1967. $3,750. 260-413-7978. Buffalo, IN                (7/f)

Beautiful 1955 Speedster. Visit    www.graterutabaga.com/55Speedster/ 55Speedster.html for information and photos.  TN   (7-8/20p)
1956 President Classic. Original unrestored survivor. Tangerine and Snow Cap White. 289 V8, automatic, dual exhaust. 80,000 miles. Runs and drives excellently. Located in Greencastle, PA. Asking $11,500. Marty Long 301-461-3929 or LNGMRTY@Yahoo.com.             (7/20)

1959 Lark 2-door Streetrod. Green, custom frame and interior, posi-traction Jaguar rear end, Chrysler 727 torque flight auto trans, dual exhaust, power steering and brakes. 30 over AMC 401 with Indy aluminum heads engine.   4-wheel independent suspension and disc brakes.  Mustang rack. Too many options to mention. $35,000. Bob 585-237-2030, cruzin45@hotmail.com. NY (7/20pvb)

1961 Lark Deluxe. AT, Good interior, exterior, mechanicals. Easy starting, smooth running, OHV6. I saved this Lark from being “rat-rodded.” $4,500. 360-357-8078. WA      (7/20p)

1962 Lark Daytona Convertible. Resto-mod, frame off, Mustang II, 4-wheel disc, QA-1, Dana 44, TT, 700R4, 289 built to R-3 specs, SS exhaust, new rubber gaskets, Harts cloth top, many new parts. Appraised at $42,500 to $43,000. Asking $32,000 OBO. 605-413-6989.                                                         (7-8/20pv)

1963 Lark. 259 V-8, 4-door Sedan. New paint, new 3-spd OD, new tires. Many extras. 59,000 miles, over  $15,000 invested. Sell at $11,500. 606-207-9981, rorourke71@gmail.com. KY (5-7/20p)

1964 GT Hawk. Owned 20 years. Thoroughly renovated.  Driver cruiser, not a show car. 5,000 miles on rebuilt engine.  65 psi oil on startup. New suspension.  $18,500  OBO.  Drive it home.  See all info at:  https://studebaker-info.org/2488/64V2488sale.html. Email me at  rfjohnstone@cox.net.  Great Falls, VA             (7/20pvb)


(No listings this month.)


1952 2-R5 Pickup. Original engine. 3-speed trans. 76,572 miles. 402-454-2412. NE          (6-7/20p)


1963 Lark 2-dr sedan, set up for Chevy engine. 1963 Hawk. 4-speed. $4,000. 1962 Champ truck.   Titles. 289 engines, need restoration. More cars.  All sales final.  Ph. 417-831-1980  or 417-840-8770. No calls after 7:00 p.m. CST. MO          (5/19-5/20)

These are all Studebaker Pickups. All run and are currently licensed and driven. 1949-$15,000; 1949- 4speed-$22,500; 1951-$27,500; 1952-$19,900;1953-$19,900; 1954-$19,900;1955 flatbed-$19,900; 1956 longbed-$17,900;1957 longbed-$28,000; 1957-$18,000 and 1958-$19,900. One car 1960 Lark VIII-$17,000. For more info, call Larry Jones 530-933-3941 or email lwj1@yahoo.com. CA       (12/19-11/20)

1963 Lark 2-dr sedan, set up for Chevy engine. 1963 Hawk. 4-speed. $4,000. 1964  Daytona 4 door, V-8, $1500. Titles. 289 engines, need restoration. More cars.  All sales final.  Ph. 417-831-1980  or 417-840-8770. No calls after 7:00 p.m. CST. MO                                                                                 (5/20-5/21)

1954 Land Cruiser. 232 V8, 3 spd, automatic with O/D. Good condition. Needs minor adjustments. $5,500, offers. Also 1948 Land Cruiser. 226 inline, 3spd, manual with O/D. Good condition. Needs minor adjustments, $5,500, offers. 925-458-6828. CA     (7-9/20)

1951 Champion 4 dr, $7,500. 1952 Champion hdtp, restorable, $3,000. 1953 ¾ ton, restored, $2,500. 1957 Silver Hawk. Montana car, 3 spd 289, $7,500. 1959 Scotsman ½ ton, $3,500. ‘57/58 Hawk parts cars, 1949 ½ ton Edwards Grain Box, restorable, $1,500. Two 1962 Htps. 701-528-4302, eves and weekends, Alamo ND.             (7-8/20b)


1964 Avanti R2. 4 speed with matching numbers, professional restoration and clear title, with am/fm. All colors. Preferably California car. Call Ron, leave message, 951-330-0858. CA         (4-7/20)

Wanted: 1966 Studebaker in nice driveable condition. Call Dave, 810-229-4665 or holzkopf@sbcglobal.net. Tell me what you have.                                                                  (7f)


(No listings this month.)


Have many RECONDITIONED RADIOS (again). From 1941 to 1964. Prices from $150 to $450. (All prices plus shipping). Will consider credit for trade-ins and good bezels, faceplates, dial glass and knobs. Also can redo your radio, if desired. Have many operational Packard/Philco as well as some parts for other older model radios.  Dan Skidmore, 3671 Inglewood Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90066. Ph. 310-398-7431 or 310-613-1465 (cell). E-mail: ddskid@outlook.com.       (7/19-6/20/b)

LARK PARTS some 1950s HAWK up to Larks. Whole Larks, doors, hoods, windshields, engines, transmissions, rear ends. Chrome, speedos, starters. More small parts. All sales final.  Ph. 417-840-8770 or 417-831-1980. No calls after 7:00 p.m. CST.  MO     (5/20-5/21)

C-cab Truck Parts. Used fenders, new fiberglass fenders and early C-cab fiberglass hood. More info, pics on www.mechanic.org under for sale items. GA           (1-5/20v)

Studebaker Exhaust Systems for sale. Cars and Trucks. Pipes and complete systems. Call RM Parks, PARKS PIPES, 544 Banta Rd, West Manchester OH 45382. Ph. or Fax 937-678-7565.                    (8/19-7/20v)

Studebaker Front Disc Brake Conversion Kits. All cars 1951 up and most pickups 1946 up. Budget kits $195.00 plus $15.00 shipping, Super kits $525.00 plus $60.00 shipping. For more information go to hotrodsandbrakes.com contact us at sales@hotrodsandbrakes.com or call 715-762-1818.   (5-7/20)

Converting to 12-volts? The Official 12-Volt Conversion Guide is still just Ten Dollars postpaid. You can order the book and all of the parts you need from Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts. 415 Court Street, Clay Center, Kansas 67432. Ph. 785-632-3450 or visit their website: www.fifthaveinternetgarage.com.                  (1-12/20)

NOS and GOOD USED STUDEBAKER PARTS. Wide selection including many hard-to-find and small parts. Detailed list by category at: www.kgworks.ca/studeparts.      (6/20-5/21)

The Official Guide to Modern Gas and Oil for Antique Vehicles is still just $15 postpaid. Order a copy today from Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts, 415 Court Street, Clay Center, Kansas 67432. Ph. 785-632-3450 or website: fifthaveinternetgarage.com. You can also support the Studebaker National Museum by ordering a copy from the gift shop at https://studebakermuseum.org/store.                                                       (1-12/20)

6 and 12 Volt Alternators, 6/12 electric radiator cooling fans, & 6/12 alcohol resistant fuel pumps are among the things you can buy from Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts,  415 Court Street, Clay Center, Kansas 67432. Call 785-632-3450 or visit their website www.fifthaveinternetgarage.com. (1-12/20)

So – your car won’t start when it’s hot??   The solution is at hand. Randy Rundle’s new book explains in simple detail how to fix your hot start problems once and for all. To order call 785-632-3450 or send $15.00 to Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts, 415 Court Street, Clay Center, Kansas, or visit fifthaveinternetgarage.com. Tell Randy you are a member of the SDC and get free postage.                                                       (1-12/20)

The Official Guide to Shop Kinks and Tech Tips contains over 140 time and money saving tips and is still just Ten Dollars postpaid!  Order from Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts, 415 Court Street, Clay Center Kansas 67432. Ph. 785-632-3450 or shop online at fifthaveinternetgarage.com.      (1-12/20)

The Official Borg-Warner Overdrive Guide is still just $15.00 postpaid. You can order the Guide as well as replacement O/D relays and kickdown switches from Fifth Avenue Antique Auto Parts, 415 Court Street, Clay Center, Kansas 67432. Phone 785-632-3450 or visit their website  www.fifthaveinternetgarage.com.           (1-12/20)

1959 Lark IV. Parts car, good body parts, molding and glass. Engine is locked up. Floor is rotted. Asking $1,000. 518-701-3261, Rotterdam, NY.                                     (7f)

1960 Champ Frame, engine. 3-sp trans, axles, wheels, tires. Engine was running when cab and box were removed, exhaust. Best offer. Stan, 928-503-3411. AZ           (7f)

Hawk Parts: Decent R.S Coupe bare-primer door, $250.00. Frt/rear set 1956/58 finned brake drums, “nice.” $400.00. Intake 4 bbl set up Edelbrock #1403 carb “nice”. WCFB’s available $550-650. Delivery to Dunkirk and Reedsville. Prices firm! 412-999-6780.                                                          (4-9/20)

Packard 1955/56 V-8 “used” parts: (4) starters, (3) generators, (3) P/S pumps, (5) oil filter housings, (5) Autolite IBJ 4001 distributors, (4) timing chain & gears, (2) each vibration damper & WP pulley, (4) valley cover w/vent tube, many pistons, rods, lifters, pushrods, valves, springs and other parts. Will deliver for gas, central PA. Delivery to Dunkirk or Reedsville FREE. $500 OBO. Call 412-999-6780.           (4-9/20)

Lark parts, some 1950s Hawk up to Larks. Whole Larks, doors, hoods, windshields, engines, transmissions, rear ends. Chrome, speedos, starters. More small parts. All sales final.  Ph. 417-840-8770 or 417-831-1980. No calls after 7:00 p.m. CST.  MO     (5/20-5/21)

Transmissions: Automatic off ‘63 truck 289 (WG Div N19 5C-1 H3-D), 4 speed off 63 Champ 259-needs 2nd gear synchro, 3 each-manual 3 speed T86E-1A overdrive, 3 speed manual T9 with band brake on output, ‘63 Lark automatic (with cables) for 6 cyl OHV 170 engine.  All are make offer, not trying to get rich.  C-cab truck: gas tank support brackets with hardware, front bumper extender brackets with hardware/chrome bumper bolts, brake master cylinder mounting bracket, inside metal door panel set. All from 1957 3/4 ton V8.   T cab truck-hood hinge brackets off ‘63 Champ.  Several matched casting number sets V8 heads, most cleaned/tested for cracks.   Several sets V8 rocker arms, either as is or cleaned & reground by Delta Cam of Tacoma.  224 and 232 V8s, various parts.  Can deliver in Pacific Northwest. Neil 360-871-6495 Western WA  (7/20)

Wiring Harness 1554878. Fits 1962 Lark V8, NOS, not a repro. May fit other years. $375. Joel Fisher, 614-326-9757, jif988@gmail,com. OH                      (7/f)

1947-49 Western front fenders, $145 each. 1949 NOS four door rear fenders, $135 each. 1949 new rocker panels $90. Five like-new WW G 40-15 tires on 1949 wheels, $275. 1949 steering box, column wheel $135. 1949 dash gauges, nice, $100. 1949 radio, $150. Misc engine parts, manifold bellhousing. Dave, 330-565-3979, dave@dmadams.us.                (7/20)


Turning Wheels Index includes all 2019 and earlier issues. Studebaker and the Railroads and other Studebaker books. All available at www.presys.biz or on Amazon.com.  Call 262-689-5893 for info.                       (1-12/20)


(No listings this month.)


Woodgraining: Concours-quality woodgraining of dashboards and interior trim at reasonable rates, plus specialized detailing of chrome and stainless steel trim offered. Keith Payne, PO Box 490, Purcellville, VA 20134. Ph. 571-442-0625.  www.olddominionoyster.com        (7/20)

Kar-go Carburetor Specialties. Custom carburetor rebuilding. 3019 Sloan Hgts, Flint MI 48507. 810-309-0672 or kargocarb@aol.com.              (6/19-5/20)


(No listings this month.)


If you have a Studebaker, or Studebaker-related item that you want to GIVE AWAY for FREE, place an ad!  Each member may submit one free ad of 25 words or less each year.

Assorted Parts Free to good home. (In central Washington.) hatfield@nwi.net.                                                (5-7f)

From 1963 Lark interior. Box of cab interior rubber, metal dash, hardware, more. Neil 360-871-6495, Western WA.              (7f)

Turning Wheels magazines from March,1992 till 1997. Harvey at 978-729-6998. MA.    (7f)

Automatic transmission, bell housing and torque converter from 1963 Hawk non power shift. Joe Davis, 501-268-8953, jdavis_57@yahoo.com. AR.             (7f)



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