I. Meeting was called to order by President, Tom Curtis, at 4:00 PM Eastern time.

II. Roll Call was taken by Secretary, Cindy Foust.  Present were: Tom Curtis, President; Don Cox, Vice President; Jane Stinson, Treasurer; Cindy Foust, Secretary; Carl        Thomason, Past  President.  Directors present were:  Bob Henning, Crossroads Zone;       Frank van Doorn, North Central Zone; Malcolm Stinson, Pacific Southwest Zone;   Duane Miller, Upper Mississippi Valley Zone; Peter Bishop, Northeast Zone; Paul        Dammes, International Zone; Don Jones, Atlantic     Zone; James Bell, Pacific Can-Am     Zone; and Lanny McNabb, Southeast Zone. Bob Canada, South Central Zone was    absent.  Warren Thompson attended as a guest.

III. President, Tom Curtis welcomed Warren Thompson to the board; Warren will be      replacing Paul Dammes as International Director, as Paul's term is expiring.

IV. Tom Curtis:

Going forward, board minutes from the previous meeting will be reviewed for any additions or corrections. When approved the minutes will be published on the website.

V. Policy & Procedure Changes: 

Per recommendations from NY Attorney, Mike Malumutt regarding the treatment of life membership: Life Members are treated the same as regular members, only without annual dues. Atty Malumutt also recommended intermediate steps in regards to disciplinary action. In our meeting of Jan. 15, 2017, Tom asked Jane to revise the policy and procedure section, by adding intermediate steps.

Per Jane Stinson's email of 4/9/17:

Please find the proposal for changes to the By-Laws and Policy & Procedure manual. Changes to the By-laws were discussed in the January meeting and included in the meeting minutes of 1/15/2017. There was confusing wording proposed in the P&P manual that has been clarified as I volunteered to do during the meeting.

Section 2 and Section 3 changes are in RED.

The Section 2 revision is the only one that has been altered for clarity.

The Section 3 change is as it was in January.

2. Membership discipline

A. Article III B of the Bylaws details the rights and privileges of membership in SDC. They address how a member may be disciplined by the Board of Directors. Discipline may be suspension of one’s membership or suspension of advertising privileges in Club publications, if so warranted. The term of suspension may be from three to 12 months or even a permanent expulsion depending on the severity of the conduct and whether or not it is a repeat offense. A member may be disciplined should their conduct of business, vis-à- vis other Club members, or in relationship to advertisements in Club publications, or whose actions at Club sponsored meets is be determined to be, by the Board of Directors, detrimental to the Club. Such action shall be taken only after the member has been informed of the charges, and has had an opportunity to be heard. At the discretion of the Board of Directors, such hearing may be a personal hearing or a hearing solely on paper.

3. Membership Dues

A. Dues are established by the Board of Directors and published in Turning Wheels. An additional fee may be charged for foreign, first class or airmail delivery of Turning Wheels.

B. A lifetime membership was available until 1993. Lifetime memberships in effect before the cutoff date in 1993 will remain valid for the lifetimes of those members and their legal spouses. No further lifetime memberships shall be accepted until such time as the Board of Directors shall amend this section. In order to preserve their Lifetime status, Lifetime members must complete the Lifetime Membership Data Sheet which will be sent to them annually.

Don Jones made the motion to apply Jane's recommendation; Duane Miller seconded the motion. Motion passed unanimously; with the exception of Paul Dammes who wasn't available at that moment, as he was experiencing PC connection problems.

VI. Studebaker National Foundation

We discussed Chris Collins' letter of 4/6/2017, regarding the SNF, in which stated the following:

This letter is to advise the Board of Directors of the Studebaker Drivers Club that the Board of Directors of the Studebaker National Foundation approved a motion to conduct annual audits. This action was taken at a SNF Board of Directors meeting held April 5, 2017. As you were informed via email March 6, 2017, we will commence an audit of the current year after April 30, the end of our fiscal year. The auditor’s report will be made available to the SDC Board of Directors as soon as possible after the audit is complete. We look forward to resuming a cordial working relationship with the SDC and the return of privileges including participation at the upcoming SDC Meet in South Bend.

After some discussion, Carl Thomason, Past President, stated that our previous vote stands. SDC board will resume our relationship and privileges with SNF upon the receipt of the audit.

VII. Peter Bishop: 

Discussed printing of Authenticity Guidelines for Avanti's, Hawks, 55 Speedsters. It was decided that Peter is to put a prototype together for Division 5, and submit it at our board meeting in South Bend.

VIII. Tom Curtis:

Reminded all board members to pre-read the emails regarding packets; it will speed up our board meeting in South Bend. Leigh Morris and Milt Yoder will be attending our board meeting. Board members, please bring a current list of your chapters. Reminder: the meet survey will be in the meet issue, Sept 2017 of TW. Get questions regarding the survey to Denny Foust by the end of May 2017. Tom congratulated the election team of Stu Chapman and Don Cox. We appreciate all the hard work. Tom thanked out going board member Paul Dammes for his service; and Paul also thanked the board for the opportunity to serve SDC.

IX. Denny Foust:

Reported on E-Judged. we will be in need of Ipads for judging; please bring any you may have along to South Bend. Let Denny know, as he will have to rent additional ones from E-Judged.

Meeting Adjourned 5:11 PM Eastern time




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