I. Meeting was called to order by President, Tom Curtis at 4:05 PM Eastern time.

II. Roll Call was taken by Secretary, Cindy Foust.  Present were: Tom Curtis, President; Don Cox, Vice President; Jane Stinson, Treasurer; Cindy Foust, Secretary; Carl Thomason, Past President.  Directors present were:  Bob Henning, Crossroads Zone; Frank van Doorn, North Central Zone; Malcolm Stinson, Pacific Southwest Zone; Duane Miller, Upper Mississippi Valley Zone; Peter Bishop, Northeast Zone; Paul             Dammes, International Zone; Bob Canada, South Central Zone; Don Jones, Atlantic Zone, and Lanny McNabb, Southeast Zone.  Also attending was Denny Foust, International Meet Committee Chair.

III. Tom Curtis:  The President's Reception will not be held at the South Bend International Meet in 2017.  All board members agreed to the change.

IV. Duane Miller: Made the motion to require fire extinguishers as a judging requirement for all cars and trucks.  Don Jones seconded the motion.  There were 13 votes in favor of the motion, with Jane Stinson voting against the motion; motion passed.  This change will become effective January 1, 2017;  the following notice will be printed in  the upcoming issue of Turning Wheels.


“Failure to have an approved Fire Extinguisher will disqualify a Club member to display or enter their car into SDC judging at an official SDC sanctioned meet or show.
The fire extinguisher must be UL listed or equivalent and fully charged. The   minimum for all vehicles is a UL type 1-A:5-B:C. For fire extinguishers without a gauge; insure that the nozzle is not obstructed and the safety seal is intact. The extinguisher need not be permanently mounted, but must be clearly visible and readily available.
When the car is on display, the fire extinguisher should be on the ground near the left front wheel. For Drive-through judging, the fire extinguisher may be on the front seat or floor, but readily visible and available.“

This motion takes effect on January 1, 2017

V. Don Cox:  Reported on nominations for directors; we are good for the next year, with the exception of one.  It was clarified that you could nominate yourself; as well as nominating more than one individual.

VI. Tom Curtis:  There are still 219 life members that have not responded to requests that they are still an active member.  It was decided that a FINAL NOTICE will be placed in their December 2016 issue of Turning Wheels; as well as a special mailing with a return receipt will be mailed to them by Don Jones. Don will prepare the letter, send it to Tom for review and his signature. Don will mail expense receipts to Jane Stinson.

VII. Don Jones:   Don has been in touch with Ann Turner regarding the Ad Manager position; he has prepared a job description, which will run in Turning Wheels.

VIII. Denny Foust, International Meet Committee Chair :

  • Made a suggestion that the cutoff date for a discounted International Meet registration fee be January 31st, instead of December 31st; and make January 31st the cutoff permanent.  Unanimously approved. 
  • Discussion was held on adding a late fee for late registrations for vehicles judged; Peter Bishop suggested a point reduction rather than a late fee.  This is tabled for now.
  • Judging fees for memorabilia, toys, watches, etc. will increase from $5/each to $10/ each.  Unanimously approved.
  • Due to difficulty getting volunteers to monitor the memorabilia, toys, watches area, Tom Curtis suggested relocating their site to the hospitality room.  After discussion it was decided to have Diane Crooks, Ernie Loga and their committee come up with the solution to staff the area, so the area can be open more hours than originally planned for the 2017 International Meet.

IX. James Bell: regarding the 2018 International Meet; Duane Miller asked if there was   consideration given to getting discounts to the LaMay Museum.  James reported that is a possibility.

X. Malcolm Stinson: there is a 5 day tour event planned for the third week of May 2018.  He would appreciate everyone promoting this event.  Information will be in the November issue of Turning Wheels.

Meeting Adjourned  5:20 PM Eastern time




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