On April 10, 2016 the board of directors for the Studebaker Drivers Club, INC met online or by phone for the quarterly meeting.   Those present were Tom Curtis – president, Don Cox – vice president, Nita Ketchum – secretary, Jane Stinson – treasurer, Carl Thomason – past president and the directors – Edward Burris, Duane Miller, Frank van Doorn, Malcolm Stinson, James Bell, Bob Canada, Bob Henning and Peter Bishop.  Absent were Don Jones and Paul Dammes.

Tom gave a report on the results of the reduction of registration fee for the 2016 International Meet if registered by January 31, 2016.  In 2015 there were only 16 registrations by January 2015 for the St. Louis Meet.  By January 31, 2016 there were 167 registrations for the Warrick Meet.  This will make planning much easier for the local chapter. 

Carl gave an update on the forum provider.  The change to the new provider will take place on April 13, 2016.  There will be a down time of one hour up to 72 hours depending on the world web and its speed.  Tom gave a big thank you to Carl, Jane and Clark Novak for their time spent in finding a new provider at a cheaper price and more dependability.

An update on the lifetime members was given by Tom.  There was a form included with their Turning Wheels for two months.  The form asked for them to confirm or update their information.  After checking with Cornerstone, he found that only 200 of 520 had returned the information as of April 15, 2016.  Peter suggested that we discontinue their Turning Wheels after Warrick.  Bob Canada wanted to give one more attempt at making personal contact by phone, email or letter.  Carl is going to draft a letter to be used so all will be consistent.  Tom will get a list from Cornerstone by zone of those life members that have not responded.  This will begin promptly.

A follow up on the reach back campaign as discussed previously, since 2011 there have been 5,495 members who did not renew.  Tom asked for additional information and learned that only 613 had paid to join on their own.  The others were gift memberships, etc.

A letter from Andy Beckman at the Studebaker National Museum had been sent to Bob Henning to be presented to the board at the April meeting.  Tom sent this letter on Sunday.  The request of $27,600 from the Capital Cost fund was made into a motion by Peter and seconded by Edward.  The motion passed. 

A discussion of what to do about trademarks after Larry Swanson is no longer available was entertained.  Tom suggested that we should be thinking about whether we need a trademark lawyer or what the other options would be.

Since the Studebaker Drivers Club acts as a conduit for the funds collected for the Studebaker National Foundation at the time a member pays their membership fees that an audit of the SNF should be given to SDC.   This is already done by the Studebaker National Museum.  Another possibility would be to let Jane review their books.  No final course of action was decided.

The final item of discussion was the issue of a South Bend vendor and the Michiana Chapter.  Carl and Don are working on this situation and there will be a meeting in Warrick with those involved.

Edward will not be with us after this meeting as his term expires on April 30.  He was thanked for his many years of service. Larry McKnabb joined the meeting as a guest and was welcomed.  He is replacing Edward as the Southeast Zone director.

Meeting adjourned at 4:38.




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