On January 10, 2016 the Board of the Studebaker Drivers Club met by computer or by phone.  Those in attendance were Tom Curtis - president, Don Cox - vice president, Nita Ketchum - secretary, Jane Stinson- treasurer, Carl Thomason – past president, and directors Frank van Doorn, Paul Dammes, Peter Bishop, James Bell, Bob Canada, Bob Henning, Ed Burris, Don Jones and Malcolm Stinson.  Duane Miller joined the meeting late.

Carl gave a report on our forum provider, Electric Eye.  Due to some problem with getting help when problems have arisen and also problems with paying the bill.  They moved and did not inform Jane therefore her payment did not reach them.  They stated they would take SDC to small claims court to collect payment.  Of course it was impossible to make payment without a current address.   Carl stated that they have not been the easiest to work with.   With the new provider URL Jet, we will have more space and the cost will be less.   They also are only involved with forums, that was not the case with Electric Eye.  A motion was made by Peter Bishop to change the forum provider.  The second was made by Tom Curtis.  Motion passed. 

Marketing report from Tom Curtis

 “You do not have to own a Studebaker to belong” will be added to the bottom of the Mission/Vision statement.

With Jane’s help Ann Turner can now take credit cards to pay for advertising.  Mark Wheeler taught Ann how to achieve this.  

Bob Shaw is working on recruiting non magazine members who use the forum. 

A postcard will be sent to try to get those members who have not renewed.  This would be at a reduced rate of $20.  The target date for mailing the card is early March.  Carl made a motion to go with the postcard and Frank made the second.  Motion passed.

Reprinting of ‘The Studebaker Story’ in full color is in the works.  This will take place after Warwick meet.

Meeting adjourned.




Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc.

Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc.

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