On April 12, 2015 the Board of Directors for the Studebaker Drivers Club met online and by phone for the quarterly meeting.  Those present were Carl Thomason, Mimi Halgren, Nita Ketchum, Jane Stinson, Tom Curtis, Edward Burris, Paul Dammes, Duane Miller, Bob Canada, Frank van Doorn, Malcolm Stinson, Cliff Tattersall, Bob Henning and Peter Bishop.  Those absent were Don Jones, James Bell and Gary Ash.

The first item of business was concerning a member who had requested a life membership in SDC.  Since lifetime memberships were discontinued in mid-1994, the board voted to not honor this request.

A survey for the members and also one for vendors had been sent to the board for their review.
The board discussed these and with a couple of minor corrections all agreed that they were a good start to determine what will best fit the needs for International Meets.  No vote was needed.

The Policy and Procedure Manual was discussed and with the exception of a couple of job descriptions it was approved by the board.  It was reaffirmed that we as a board must see that the items in the PPM are followed.  Primarily that the Turning Wheels be sent to the printed on the specified date.

Tom Curtis updated the board on the advertisements in Hemmings Classic Cars.  The City of South Bend is helping with the cost of these ads.

Carl Thomason thanked the directors for the work they have done on a follow up of those with lifetime membership.  The goal is to update the records on those members and be sure the Turning Wheels are being received by that member and not someone else. 

The meeting ended at 3:55 CDT.





Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc.

Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc.

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