On August 4, 2013 the Board of Directors of the Studebaker Drivers Club met online.  President Carl Thomason called the meeting to order at 3:48 pm.  Those present were Carl Thomason, Mimi Halgren, Nita Ketchum, Jane Stinson, Tom Curtis, Frank van Doorn, Cliff Tattersall, Ed Wenger, Larry Swanson, Gary Ash and James Bell.  Those absent were Ebon Jones, Paul Dammes, Edward Burris and Colin Fort.

The first item of business was to select the Director for the Executive Committee.  Frank van Doorn along with the officer will make up the Executive Committee.

The STUDEBAKER tree sign in South Bend is being restored. A motion was made and seconded to donate $2000 from the restoration fund for the cost on one letter.  Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned.


Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc.

Studebaker Drivers Club, Inc.

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